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Two Ladies Headache Relief TMJ Treatment Downtown Seattle.

Many of us suffer with chronic headaches, neck tension, ear ringing, jaw joint and facial pain for years before discovering the root cause of our health problem: Tempomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ for short.

TMJ is more common in women.  Some scientists believe this is because women have a more delicate muscle structure through the neck and into connected jaw tissues.   TMJ is often inaccurately diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Tinnitus or hormonal changes, leading to TMJ treatment that addresses symptoms rather than the source of pain.

Dr. McKay and his staff are great! Called to schedule an appointment for TMJ symptoms and Dr. McKay was able to squeeze me in within the week. Most other places I called wouldn’t see a new patient for at least 5 weeks and went straight into the cost of their treatment before even asking my name. I’ve been seeing Dr. McKay for about 3 months now and my symptoms have definitely gotten better. You can tell that he and his staff care about your health!Michael S

TMJ Headache Relief

Girl Headache TMJ Treatment Downtown Seattle WAFor TMJ headache relief, the identification, and treatment, of TMJ requires expert care and advanced knowledge of the most innovative protocols in dental medicine.

Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentist, Dr. Brian McKay, of Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry in Seattle, has extensive experience in treating TMJ disorders. Dr. McKay devotes many hours each year to mastering new methods, techniques and technologies in this field so he can provide his Seattle area patients with effective headache relief. 

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TMJ Dentist In Downtown Seattle

Dr. McKay has recently become certified in a new TMJ treatment modality, Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR).  This revolutionary, high tech and extremely precise approach to the treatment of TMJ disorder frequently delivers significant relief within 1 week to 3 months, with durable, positive outcomes lasting years.

With DTR treatment Dr. McKay reduces and / or eliminates the need for TMJ-related pain medications, splints, soft food diets, physical therapy and chiropractic care.  The DTR process requires no drugs and no surgery.

Man Headache TMJ Treatment Downtown Seattle WAHow Does DTR Work?

Dr. McKay uses state-of-the-art technology to assess:

  • Your bite and bite function
  • Measure how long back teeth are engaged in chewing or grinding
  • Muscle contraction and related symptoms

Through DTR Dr. McKay employs a variety of treatment techniques customized to each individual patient to reduce jaw muscle contractions resulting in far less pain, real headache relief, and an average reduction of medication use by more than 90 percent.

Stop Headaches With TMJ Treatment in Seattle

Are you experiencing symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction? Call our office at 206-720-0600 to learn more about TMJ, or to request an appointment right here at our exceptional dental office in Seattle, near Downtown Seattle. We look forward to helping you navigate this painful and often misunderstood condition!

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