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We center our exceptional Seattle dental practice on the latest tools and technology. Dr. McKay and his team members are excited to share these advancements with their patients. Cutting-edge technology results in a more safe and efficient dental experience.

What Our Patients Say…

“Never thought I’d say this but I love my dentist and his entire staff! Professional, well-educated, compassionate people, state-of-the-art equipment, AND a rare understanding that the mouth is part of a larger whole. Which is why they conduct life-saving screenings. Chris, the hygienist, identified and cured a low-grade virus that has been plaguing me for years!”

Judith W.

“Dr. McKay and his office staff are amazing. I’m a high fear patient and Dr. McKay took his time to explain everything to me. They were kind, and compassionate, and treated me with respect. I felt very comfortable and trusted them. He uses the latest technology in the industry, and I felt very well taken care of. I can’t recommend him enough. If I could give them more stars, I would. You won’t regret putting your trust and dental health in Dr. McKay’s hands.”

Sandra B.

“Dr. McKay is a highly skilled and competent Dentist. He has a beautiful & relaxing office and uses only the state of the art technology in dentistry. I highly recommend Dr. McKay to anyone who is looking for the best dentist in Seattle.”

Ken A.

“Warm and friendly staff who really listen to my needs and helped me understand what I needed done. Fantastic office with all the newest technology!”

Garrison D.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray film sensors are more flexible and offer more patient comfort than traditional x-rays. These x-rays instantly provide you and your doctor with detailed photos of your teeth and gums. Our patients from all across Seattle WA love how digital x-rays speed up their visit and provide valuable info about their oral health.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras give patients the opportunity to become more involved in their exam process. You and your doctor can see clear images that are easy to understand. When you're on the same page as your dentist, you can better comprehend your needs and treatment options.

Ozone Treatment

Safe and effective - ozone therapy uses energized oxygen to treat infections that can cause gum disease. With ozone dental technology we can reverse cavities and help patients achieve a healthier smile.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers vaporizes the harmful bacteria and damaged gums. Soft tissue lasers are frequently used to treat the gums and in detection of dental decay. Hard tissue lasers are then used to gently remove dental decay.


Dr. McKay can find dental decay and caries faster with Diagnodent technology. This laser detection aid has proven to be over 90% accurate. The earlier you are able to treat your dental caries, the more comfortable and affordable your treatment will be.


OralDNA uses your saliva to test for any oral pathogens that may cause gum disease and detection of early warning signs for more serious health risks.

3D CT Scanner

The 3D CT Scanner allows your doctor to view the structures of your mouth from endless angles. This special x-ray will painlessly give Dr. McKay the information he needs to treat you effectively.

EMG Muscle Testing

Are you a victim of bruxism or TMJ disorder? If you are suffering from headaches, toothache, or jaw pain, Dr. McKay can take a closer look with an EMG. An EMG will precisely evaluate your muscular activity.


Bite discomfort can be caused by uneven dental work. The T-Scan computerized bite analysis will let your doctor examine your bite force. He can then accurately adjust your dental work to improve the ability and comfort of your bite.


VELscope technology is much more than an ordinary cancer screening device. VELscope makes it possible to detect tissue abnormalities earlier than ever. If you have oral cancer, you need to know immediately. VELscope can give you that critical knowledge.

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