Sleep Apnea Treatment

Couple Rest Easy Sleep Apnea Treatment Downtown Seattle.

Long nights of loud snoring. Endless days of total exhaustion. Sound like you? You may be suffering from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea.

Signs of Sleep Apnea

  • Your partner mentions that you make snoring or gasping noises during the night
  • You wake up with a sore throat or headache
  • You wake throughout the night to urinate
  • You find focusing during your daily work and activities difficult
  • You regularly feel tired and sleepy
  • You are experiencing mood swings or depression

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Other Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea sufferers have lower focus, which puts them at a higher risk for work and auto accidents. Sleep apnea also raises the risk of hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and other major health concerns.

Older Man Sleep Apnea Treatment Downtown Seattle.Millions of sleep apnea patients suffer quietly and remain undiagnosed. If the symptoms above look familiar, come see an experienced professional in Seattle. Dr. McKay utilizes cutting edge technology to protect you from the effects of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Tests

Some patients cannot find effective sleep disorder treatment because of a misdiagnosis. At ACLD in Downtown Seattle WA we go above and beyond to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

The first step of your sleep apnea treatment is a sleep test. During your visit, Seattle sleep apnea dentist Dr. McKay will administer the test and provide you with detailed instructions. After you complete this comfortable at-home sleep apnea test, you can bring it back into us. The results will tell us the best way to treat your sleep disorder.

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

Sleep apnea appliances are a convenient and powerful sleep apnea treatment. With sleep apnea dentist Dr. McKay, the appliance is custom-made for a seamless fit. You can wear the appliance at night and remove it in the morning. It is easy to clean and transport.

Retired Couple Sleep Apnea Treatment Downtown SeattleUsing our sleep appliances as a sleep apnea treatment will keep your airway open while you sleep, preventing choking and gasping symptoms. The appliance will prevent you from waking up repeatedly throughout the night. Once the root of your snoring problem is addressed, you’ll begin feeling more well rested!

Stop Snoring With Sleep Apnea Treatment in Seattle

Finding a cure for snoring could protect you from a host of other health issues. If nighttime snoring or daily sleepiness is a problem for you, ask us about sleep apnea treatment. We will do our best to restore you to your well rested, happy self. Call or email us today at Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry to schedule your appointment. We help patients stop snoring all around Downtown Seattle Washington!

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