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Say goodbye to those invasive and messy dental tools. Say hello to the high precision dental laser!

Did you know you can improve your dental experience dramatically by choosing laser dentistry? Laser dentistry promotes lesser bleeding and faster healing times. A dental laser is more accurate and comfortable than the basic dental drill.

Find out more about how we incorporate laser dentistry into our exceptional Seattle dental practice below.

Dental Laser Treatments

Dr. McKay uses dental laser technology for teeth cleanings and gum disease treatments. In the past, deep cleanings involved endless scraping and painful bleeding.

dental laser Downtown Seattle dentist WALaser dentistry works differently. Instead of cutting and scraping, a dental laser vaporizes the harmful bacteria and the damaged gums. Laser dentistry can quickly return red and swollen gums to complete and total health.

You don’t have to cut or drill your teeth to achieve the perfect smile. A dental laser is the more efficient choice!

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Soft Tissue versus Hard Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers are frequently used to treat the gums. During a gum disease treatment or a gum reconstruction, the dental laser removes the damaged gums without harming the healthy gums. Soft tissue lasers are also used to detect the earliest signs of dental decay and oral cancer. They can even remove small sores or ulcers from the mouth in no time.

Hard tissue lasers work to gently remove dental decay. Hard tissue lasers can also prepare the teeth for new dental work by roughening them, or “etching” them. They can also excavate fissures in the teeth for the placement of dental sealants.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Dental Laser Treatment Downtown SeattleLasers reduce the need for anesthesia in some procedures
  • Laser treatments are more pain-free
  • Chances for bacterial infection decrease
  • Possibility for error decreases
  • Healing time and bleeding decreases

Are you taking advantage of ultimate precision dentistry? Call us today to find out how laser dentistry can enhance your current smile if you are in the Downtown Seattle area.

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