Dr. Brian McKay and Dr. Thomas Kang, both of Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry in Seattle, consistently review and test dental technologies from around the globe, investing only in those innovations proven to create dramatic transformations for their patients. For denture wearers, one of the most effective solutions are the Fountain of Youth™ Dentures.

How Fountain of Youth™ Dentures Work

Denture Fountain of Youth Downtown Seattle - Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser DentistryThe FOY dentures rest on the mandibular and maxilla (the bones in which teeth sit) to fit like natural teeth, eliminating uncomfortable denture squeezing while supporting the long-term health of the bones in your mouth.

The remarkable fit of FOY dentures allows for greater comfort and ease when eating, talking and smiling.

Fountain of Youth dentures Fit

Neuromuscular dentistry creates optimal bite function and refines your appearance by stopping your chin from moving toward your nose, filling out sunken cheeks and softening wrinkles and fine lines. 

To create your Denture Fountain of Youth™ dentures, Dr. McKay and his team take more than 100 measurements of your mouth, jaw, jaw joints and face. Dr. McKay works one-on-one with you and a master ceramist to design your new teeth for excellent fit, and an amazingly attractive appearance. 

Afterwards, patients tell us they look 10 to 20 years younger… and we couldn’t agree more!

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Benefits Of Fountain of Youth Dentures

The Denture Fountain of Youth™ system is different from traditional and economy dentures because of how well they fit and function, and how they serve to enhance the wearer’s appearance. Dr. McKay is one of the first dentists in the country trained in this technology. In fact he worked directly with the product’s creator to ensure excellence through every part of the process. 

FOY Dentures in Seattle

If you are near Downtown Seattle, WA and would like to learn more about Denture Fountain of Youth™, please contact our Patient Concierge at 206-720-0600 or use our online form to:

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