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Get Emergency Dental Care Fast in Downtown Seattle

When a dental emergency arises for you or a loved one, you shouldn’t have to stress. The professionals of ACLD know how to handle anything from tooth pain and toothaches to a knocked out tooth.

If you believe you might need emergency dental care, we are available to give you advice and see you in person. Our goal is to make your emergency dental care as easy and comfortable as possible.

Have a severe toothache or another urgent dental need? Give us a call immediately. We provide immediate and effective care for anyone in dental distress.

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Are you experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity?

If your teeth are feeling especially sensitive, we can help. The sensitivity may be a result of recent dental work or tooth decay. We will determine the issue at hand and help you treat it with a mild pain reliever or specialized toothpaste if necessary.

Did you break or chip a tooth?

Rinse the tooth gently with warm water. Salvage any pieces you can find and bring them into our office. You can use a cold compress to reduce swelling while you give us a call about emergency dental care.

What about a knocked out tooth?

An avulsed or knocked out tooth should be rinsed with water and placed back into the socket while you give us a call. If you cannot return it to its socket, place it in a clean container or bag of milk or saliva. Call us immediately to increase your chance of saving the natural tooth.

Do you have an object caught between your teeth?

If you have an object or piece of food stuck between your teeth that you cannot remove with gentle rinsing and flossing, call ACLD. Never use a metal, plastic, or sharp tool to remove it.

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What if my tooth is loose?

Patients with a loose permanent tooth should contact us for emergency dental care. Call us so that we can bring you into our office and determine what we can do.

Are you suffering from a painful toothache?

Tooth pain can become debilitating. It’s important to contact ACLD so that we can discover the cause of the toothache. If the tooth pain is coming from deep decay, we must address it immediately before infection spreads or tooth loss results.

Rely on Us For Prompt Emergency Dental Care in Seattle!

If you are near Downtown Seattle, and are experiencing a dental emergency of any kind, don’t hesitate to call the emergency dentistry experts at Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry. Simply use the phone number provided at the top of this page. Our caring dentists provide fast and effective emergency care. We look forward to giving you a positive dental experience that eases your concerns.

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    • The office got me in quickly for an urgent concern and they gave me first rate service.
      —Beth B

    • All of my friends and relatives are amazed at the difference that having the dental work done as produced.
      —Carol B

    • Very good communication, professional and thorough!
      —Joel C.

    • Dr. McKay changed my life as a result of my first visit.

    • O.K. y'all...there is NO room for any improvement in your PERFECT dental practice. My teeth feel great and my day has been fabulous with my start at ACLD. Thank you very much!
      —Debbie B

    • Always receive excellent care and dental guidance.
      —Charlotte K
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