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Few of us are lucky enough to have inherited beautifully aligned teeth with contours that complement our faces, and a shade of white that never seems to stain, but some of us think to ourselves, “I hate my teeth.” Even the fortunate few who have near-perfect smiles already inevitably benefit from having a smile makeover because teeth may wear with age and are subject to cracks, chips, stains and can eventually breakdown.

To help restore what nature takes away, Seattle cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian McKay and his team at Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry have pioneered the concept of Smile Design.

Seattle Smile Design

Smile Design is a completely customizable dental treatment that combines health-restoring therapies with cosmetic enhancement to give you a smile makeover that is truly reflective of who you are, and is built to last through careful home care. 

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Smile Design Downtown Seattle WAIt begins by having a conversation with Dr. McKay at his Seattle office, where the two of you design your ideal smile. You’ll talk about:

  • Health care solutions – This may include routine dental hygiene care in our dental suite, or a decision to pursue gum therapy. 
  • Cosmetic solutions – Many patients choose to have veneers placed on some of their teeth; others need dental implants. Most often, they choose a combination such as porcelain dental crowns to repair wear, DURAthin veneers to contour teeth and maintain structure, and dental onlays to rebuild bite function and create space for a more beautiful smile.

All Smile Design patients receive free teeth whitening with their care. 

Are you ready to design the smile you’ve always wanted? Get in touch with us if you are in the Downtown Seattle area!

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