White Teeth in Seattle: Use Five Fingers For Quick And Healthy Flossing

white teeth in seattle

Today’s message is for smart kids who want to make flossing a habit so they can enjoy white teeth in Seattle. Here are 5 flossing steps made so easy you can tick them off one finger at a time thanks to Advanced Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry.

Thumbkin: Thumb to Chest Reminder
Pointing a thumb to your chest can remind you that flossing isn’t just for your friends. Brushing the goobers off so you don’t gross them out and rinsing with a fluoride rinse for fresh breath is for friends. Flossing is for your smile. Your overall oral health depends not only on healthy teeth but also healthy gums.

Pointer: Pointer Fingers Measure
How much floss will I need to actually floss all of my teeth? The American Dental Association counsels that you start with about 18 inches of floss. Roughly 6 times the length of your pointer finger should be adequate.

Tall Man: Wrap the Middle Fingers
This is a team exercise. With the middle fingers wound up in the floss, the thumb and forefinger can grip and guide the floss into place. After wrapping the floss around the tooth into a “C” shape, and the up and down motions have wiped away plaque, then “unspool” for a new section for the next tooth in line.

Ring Man: The Smell Test
Many a long-term relationship has been cut short due to not-so-fresh breath. Smell floss before going between teeth. Smell it after. Bad smell? Brushing is not cleaning away that bacteria thoroughly enough. Hurray for floss! This smell test says the brushing needs to be tweaked. Be gentle with your gums and don’t forget to keep those areas at the base of your white teeth in Seattle bacteria-free.

Pinky: Time to Promise
Make the pledge now. Every time you look at your pinky, remember that you pinky promised to keep those gums free from bad bacteria. Flossing isn’t so much about removing food as it is about removing dental plaque. Plaque results in cavities and inflamed gums. Periodontal disease can eventually result in tooth loss. Dental neglect is a slippery slope and can lead to you losing your cherished white teeth in Seattle. At Advanced Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry, we encourage you to take care of your oral health needs for a happier, healthier smile. Use those fingers to dial 206-720-0600 for a consultation. We offer the services like dental implants, Invisaligncosmetic dentistryteeth whitening, and sedation dentistry.

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