Denture Fountain of Youth® Improve Your Look

In response to increasing demand for the popular Denture Fountain of Youth® treatment, Advanced Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry in Seattle and provides all the information a potential candidate for Denture Fountain of Youth® dentures might need in order to make an informed

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How Much Do Denture Fountain of Youth® Dentures Cost?

A wide, bright smile is associated with health, success and attractiveness. So much so, that the loss of even one or two teeth can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. Health is also impacted, as the lack of teeth means

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Sedation for teeth extractions

I am having all my teeth removed to get dentures. This happened because I am so afraid of needles and the dentist in general that I never took care of my teeth. I always found some reason to cancel the

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My dentures fell out

I’ve had dentures for many years. They’ve always moved a little, but lately they keep falling out. Even in public. What’s going on? Violet H.- Ontario, Canada Violet, If you’ve had them for many years, I suspect that you’ve lost

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I don’t want to pull my tooth

I had a crown put on a front tooth, but now my dentist is saying that I need to pull that tooth and put in a partial denture. I’m only 29. I can’t stand the idea of not having a

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Dental insurance for dental implants

Can you tell me which dental insurance company will cover dental implants? Amber A. – Little Rock, AR Amber, You are not going to be able to find a dental insurance that covers dental implants. These are an expensive procedure

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What is facial collapse?

Can you tell me what facial collapse is? My dentist says that is the reason I should get implants instead of dentures. Casey G.- New Hampshire Casey, Facial Collapse is what happens after you’ve removed all your teeth. Your body

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Denture problems after years of wear

I’ve been wearing dentures for close to thirty years. However, I can’t keep them in anymore. Is there a way to get secure fitting dentures or some other solution? Francine W.- Palo Alto Francine, You’re experiencing what is known as

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