3 Reasons to Consider Teeth By Tonight

A healthier, more confident smile is just one benefit from Teeth By Tonight. They help preserve your jawbone. The bone in your jaw is an amazing thing. It thrives on stimulation. That’s what your teeth supply. The pressure created when

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Denture Fountain of Youth® Improve Your Look

In response to increasing demand for the popular Denture Fountain of Youth® treatment, Advanced Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry in Seattle and provides all the information a potential candidate for Denture Fountain of Youth® dentures might need in order to make an informed

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Age Not Usually a Factor when Deciding on Dental Implants

Woman Proves You Can Benefit Anytime from Implants If you think you’re too old to start thinking about having dental implants, let us introduce you to Margaret Brown. The Canadian woman holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest person

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Cost of Implants Varies from Patient to Patient

Whenever we meet with a patient to discuss their interest in dental implants, one of the first questions we always hear is, “What will it cost?” We wish it was that easy to give you a quote. But the fact

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Bite is mis-matched after dental implants

I got an implant bridge, but now my bite is mis-aligned. On the right side my opposing teeth are touching. On the left side they are not. Is this normal with implants? Anita S. – Baltimore Anita, No, this is

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Not Sure I Trust My Dentist

I went in for a tooth that has started hurting. My dentist did an x-ray. When he did he found a severly infected tooth.  He told me he’d go in and clean it out, but that the infection was so

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Dental Implants and Diabetes

I’ve been told if I have type 1 diabetes that I cannot get dental implants. The problem is that I am loosing a lot of teeth. I really don’t want dentures. Is there another option? Marcus G. – Pine Bluff,

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Sedation for teeth extractions

I am having all my teeth removed to get dentures. This happened because I am so afraid of needles and the dentist in general that I never took care of my teeth. I always found some reason to cancel the

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Slightly loose front tooth

I’ve had periodontal disease, but now have it under control. There is no more bleeding or anything. My dentist says we’re over the danger.  However, I have a tooth in the front that is coming loose and has gotten a

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Sensitive Crowns

I had three porcelain crowns put on a few weeks ago. They are very sensitive, especially to hot and cold. I’ve had a second opinion and he said there doesn’t seem to be anything obviously wrong with them. What should

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