Serious TMJ problems

Serious TMJ problems

Serious TMJ problems

I don’t know where else to turn. I decided to write and ask your advice, because there is nothing in it for you, and I don’t know what or who to believe anymore about my dental problems.

When I was in my early 20s I had dental crowns placed on all my teeth, because of a really bad teeth grinding habit. That of was about 10 years ago. The crowns were not done properly, and now they are worn down. I have a lot of pain and clicking in my jaw, and my gums are in bad shape because the poor crown placement. I have bite issues (a “posterior crossbite” according to my most recent dentist).

I was in so much pain a couple of years ago that I tried going to a neuromuscular dentist. What a huge mistake! I think he was a complete charlatain, and now I am worse off than I was before. He gave me an appliance that messed my bite up even more. My crowns are so worn I am worried they are going to start shattering. They were never very nice to look at, but now they are just awful.

I know I need major work done, but I just don’t know where to turn.

Ellie in Orlando

Dear Ellie,

Your instinct to go with a neuromuscular dentist was a good one. Sadly, you also discovered that because neuromuscular dentistry is not a recognized specialty, anyone–whether qualified or not–can claim to do it.

You need to locate a dentist that has extensive and varied experience in treating TMJ disorders, as that is the root of your problems. This may mean you seek the services of another neuromuscular dentist, but this time make sure you ask to closely review his or her credentials and education in the area of TMJ treatment. Ideally, that same dentist will also be an expert cosmetic dentist, so the new porcelain crowns are beautiful as well as functional and comfortable.

Put in a strong effort to find the right professional to help you. The right dentist could help dramatically reduce or even eliminate your pain, which is of course the first priority.

This blog published courtesy of Seattle cosmetic dentist Dr. McKay.

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