You Won’t Be Out Cold (Unless You Want To Be!)

Does your heart start pounding at the mere thought of having a cavity filled? Do you get sweaty palms when you drive by a dental practice? Many Seattle residents who have improved their smile with cosmetic dentistry or underwent extensive

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Will Zoom whitening hurt? What if you have sensitive teeth?

I never really had any cavities or dental work, but severe sensitivity has always been a problem. I am having Zoom whitening done next week and I’m so afraid about the pain factor as I’ve heard you can get very

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Can a hospital extract my teeth?

I have an absolutely horrendous fear of the dentist. It didn’t help that when I went in this past week, the dentist tortured me. Now I find out I have to have two teeth pulled. I told him I’d get

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Will a dentist pull all my teeth?

Would a dentist have any ethical problems about removing all my teeth if there isn’t a medical necessity for it? I really hate going to the dentist. It makes me physically ill. I just feel if I take out all

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Is it wrong I like my sedation pill?

Is it wrong I like my sedation pill? I am a little worried there is something wrong with me. I had some pill for a sedation during treatment. I really liked how it made me feel. Does that mean I’m

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Novocain worked for my wife, but not me

My wife and I both needed a tooth extracted. We decided to schedule our appointments for the same time, using two different dentists at our clinic.  For my wife the novocain worked, for me it didn’t and the extraction was

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Not Sure I Trust My Dentist

I went in for a tooth that has started hurting. My dentist did an x-ray. When he did he found a severly infected tooth.  He told me he’d go in and clean it out, but that the infection was so

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Too embarrassed to go to the dentist

I have never been to a dentist. My parents never took me.  I’m graduated from college now and have a job, but I’m a little embarrassed to go.  I’m sure my teeth are in horrible shape. I don’t even know

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How do I handle dental fear if I’ve got a tooth infection?

I have a tooth infection that I really need to deal with, but I have an unusually high amount of dental fear. The last time I tried to go I didn’t even make it from the reception area to the

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Sedation for teeth extractions

I am having all my teeth removed to get dentures. This happened because I am so afraid of needles and the dentist in general that I never took care of my teeth. I always found some reason to cancel the

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