NTI: FDA-Approved Treatment

Are You Looking For A TMJ Specialist in Seattle?

One of the most effective treatments for TMJ has been a device first used by TMJ specialist and Seattle dentist, Dr. Brian McKay – the NTI. NTI stands for a “nociceptive trigeminal inhibition, tension suppression system” – NTI, for short.

TMJ can produce terrible migraines and when that happens, we immediately think of the clever little NTI appliance. It is the most effective, non-drug FDA-approved treatment for migraines there is. Every TMJ specialist in Seattle knows about and believes in the power of the NTI to treat migraines caused by TMJ and other events.

Dr. McKay is a TMJ specialist in Seattle and Puget Sound, who is able to effectively and dramatically relieve the pain, tenderness and aching from migraines caused by TMJ.

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