Bulimia and Teeth

I love what I do. My passion for the opportunity to change people’s lives through comprehensive cosmetic dentistry has fueled my professional growth for the last 20 years.

Realizing the impact this care has had on my patients has fueled my personal growth even more. This has been especially true since I met Dr. Greg Jantz of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources – a world-class eating disorder facility and much more here in western Washington. Dr. Jantz treats the most difficult of cases and has assisted so many suffering with all types of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and compulsive overeating. It is the binging and purging activity that does most of the damage to the teeth of the patient.

Damage to teeth from bulimia

The purging that takes place with bulimia strips the teeth of the protective enamel layer covering each tooth. Once the protective enamel is gone there is no replacing it except with comprehensive dental care. The teeth weaken and become susceptible to the worst possible invasiveness. Decay, crumbling, fracturing, falling out – all occur with this insidious disease. It’s heart-breaking to witness and it fills me with resolve to help.

Treatment of teeth damage from bulimia

The professionals at The Center call on me whenever there is a person in their care with a dental problem. That’s when my team steps in and we create both a functional and beautiful smile design that effectively replaces their damaged and worn teeth. The results speak for themselves. Happy smiling people back on the road to improved self-esteem and a cure.

What began as a professional relationship with Dr. Jantz and the patients at The Center has evolved into a desire to help as many sufferers of eating disorders as possible. The hard work necessary to overcome this disease is absolutely incredible. It is truly gratifying and humbling to me to play a role in helping make sufferers of bulimia “whole again”. The smiles light up their entire being and touch me every time.

Dr. Brian McKay

To learn more about how Dr. McKay can help you with your bulimia or other eating disorder or that of a loved one, please contact the website for Dr. McKay’s foundation, The Smile Within. To request a confidential, non-judgmental evaluation of your dental condition, contact Dr. McKay at 206-720-0600.